“I had a dream as a child. I was dressed in the long white shorts Muslim children wear, and I was riding a white horse. In each arm I held a double-edged sword. In front of me stood the enemies of Allah; they were Jews and Christians. I cried out, ‘For Islam!’ and ran into the battlefield. Their elite warriors came at me, and I challenged them, causing chaos among them. I conquered them and took off their heads with the sword so that their heads were rolling under the feet of Allah. In my dream I was martyred, and when I came before the throne of Allah, he was laughing and said, ‘Only my crazy Kamal could do this.'”

What he experienced in this dream was Kamal Saleem’s Islamic worldview from childhood. The dream reflected the Sunni beliefs of his family, and for him, jihad was birthed from infancy. As early as four years old, Kamal remembers sitting at the kitchen table while his mother taught him about the Qur’an and reciting it to include his duty to Allah and jihad.

He shared, “We interpreted the Qur’an as Muslim zealots. Moderate Muslims were seen as infidels that must be Islamized. From my childhood, my mom said, ‘One day, you’ll be a martyr, my son. You will die for the sake of Allah, and you will exalt Islam. If you kill a Jew, my son, your hand will light up before the throne of Allah and the host of heaven will celebrate what you have done.’”

By the age of seven, Kamal was being trained to be a jihad warrior. Not only could he handle a machine gun, but he learned to make bombs and to slip into enemy territory to use the gun and bombs.

Kamal shared, “What happens to the mind of children who are exposed to that dehumanization? The breaking of our spirits came at a young age when our moms and dads taught us this was the path. The Muslim religious leaders, known as Imams, taught us hate and anger with the intent to take over the world. Then they would send us into killing fields to desensitize us to murder. We were programmed to believe that this was how we were to live our lives.”

Fortunately, this is not the end of Kamal’s story. In the next several posts, we will show how Almighty God transformed his life.

  • Testimony given directly by Kamal Saleem of KoomeMinistries.com


Jihad warriors are not born that way; instead, they are trained to be fighters by their family, society, and religion. We know that dreams and visions impact Muslims. Pray that the Lord will invade Islamic society with powerful, convicting dreams and visions that will bring them out of darkness, enabling them to learn of the truth of Jesus.

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