“We were training for what’s called, ‘Culture Jihad,’ which is shifting cultures. Culture jihad is unlike the sword, unlike the rifle, Culture jihad is not violent. The goal is to infiltrate your world via any outlet where two or more people congregate,” Kamal Saleem has declared.

By his 20s, Kamal Saleem* was chosen to wage cultural jihad on America. He said, “My heart’s greatest desire was to see America, the giant infidel, dead. There were many Muslim groups with the goal of cultural jihad in the United States, and we were working to unify them.”

He shared his first target was the ethnic groups like the African Americans and Hispanics in the prison system. We would tell them, “Islam came to free the black (and Hispanic) people from American slavery. We are here to give you freedom.” We would then tell them, “There’s no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his final prophet and messenger. Once we earned their trust, we would then begin to indoctrinate them with the ideologies of Islam. Then we would meet their families, help them find jobs, meet their needs, and so on.”

Unlike 9/11 (in which an outside force attacked the homeland), cultural jihad is about becoming like the enemy in order to conquer the enemy from within. You have to learn the language and the culture; you have to learn to eat, speak and blend into the target society. 

In order to conquer the world, we were also taught to work in the Western world specifically through the women. Kamal was told, “Women would be easier to convert to Islam. The women are easy. Tell them you love them, and before you know it, they will fall for you.” The strategy was to marry them and acquire a green card and citizenship.

Yes, Kamal had an objective. What he did not realize was that was not God’s objective for him. (More will be shared in Day #11.)

  • Testimony was given directly by Kamal Saleem of KoomeMinistries.com


Kamal did not know that God had a specific plan, and no one can stop God’s plan, not even the enemy. Around the world, there are Muslims, called by God, who have not yet responded. As they are seeking during Ramadan, pray for them that the one true God, our heavenly Father, will reveal His call, His plan for each individual Muslim, bringing them to salvation in Christ and God’s destiny.

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