His life was transformed that Sunday morning, July 3,1994 when God revealed Himself to Faisal Malick* as his heavenly father! Immediately he realized that Jesus Christ is Lord. All his life he had been an observant Muslim and had fulfilled everything required by Islam. Now, through revelation, he realized that none of what he had been taught in his religion was true. Words cannot express the radical change that came when he realized that Jesus was now the Lord of his life.

Six months later, the Spirit of God and His holy Presence filled the little room where Faisal was living. He experienced the pure life and substance of Heaven for three hours and his life was divinely changed. He shared, “First, I had an intense love for God like I never had before, and an intense supernatural hunger to know Him more. Second, I had a deeper, unconditional love for people. Third, I had an intense love and supernatural hunger for the Word of God. I picked up the Bible and could not put it down for 36 hours straight.” He continued, “The Holy Spirit became my teacher and was writing His word on my heart.”

From that moment in the incredible presence of God, a special grace came upon him. It overflowed to others and the fruit was evidenced in the fact that in the next three years, 99 percent of the people he knew, including Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and atheists were giving their lives to Jesus and were born again. It was truly by the Holy Spirit that in the next three years he led 1,500 people to know Christ.

Currently, Faisal is the lead pastor of a thriving congregation in Langley, British Columbia. He believes the Lord has spoken to him, “The wall of Islam has fallen in the spirit that has kept the Muslim people hostage. It is only a matter of time when it becomes common knowledge that the wall of Islam has fallen.”

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God is moving mightily in the Muslim world. As we join millions of Christians during Ramadan, praying for Muslims to receive Christ, let us believe and declare that the “thread of Islam is unraveling,” and the revelation and truth of God are being received in their lives.

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