As a devout Muslim, while attending a service in a business conference, Faisal Malick had a powerful visitation from the Lord (See Day 6). He shared, “God Almighty manifested in Majesty right in front of me, and every fiber of my being became aware of Him and His mighty Presence. Suddenly someone (The Lord) stood before me, and His presence went right through me.” Many thoughts were going through Faisal’s mind, and he had one burning question that he managed to ask: “God, what are You doing there? I thought these are the bad guys.” 

He shared that he couldn’t understand why God would come while the people were blaspheming God by worshiping Jesus. He answered me audibly, and I heard his voice say to me three times, “No, these are My children. No, these are My children. No, these are My children.”

Faisal had thought these people were deceived, but God was saying these people were His children. He knew he was encountering God. As a Muslim, he didn’t question that there was one God, but he surely didn’t believe that God was a father! Yet in that instant, he knew God was the Father.

All that was happening to him was divine revelation. He instantly knew with every fiber of his being that Jesus is the Son of God. At that moment, Jesus was revealing the Father to him, so he instantly understood that God Almighty was not only Father, but he was encountering God as his Father. Faisal shared, “I didn’t know this could happen and didn’t try to make it happen. But when I heard His voice, it vibrated through my entire being. When God speaks, He releases a sound, and everything responds to it. The very core of my created being was awakened to Him.”  

Revelation from the Lord continued, “The very thing I had been trained to see as deception and that was so ingrained in me to disbelieve was the very revelation that I now knew (and would now say): Jesus is the Son of God. His voice shattered every belief system I ever had.”

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We praise God for His powerful voice that thunders (Psalm 29) and still breaks the hardness in hearts. Continue to pray for God’s voice to penetrate the deception and unbelief of Muslim people worldwide to hear Him and respond, receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. 

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