Desiring to be successful in the business world, Faisal Malick was excited to use it as an opportunity to promote Islam. Marketing conventions enabled him to learn more about business from those already prospering. Meeting many Christians at these events, he soon debated with them, believing he could change their “incorrect thinking.”

One Sunday morning, he learned he could attend a non-denominational service and since the man speaking was a businessman and not a pastor or priest, he thought it would be a harmless gathering. The speaker began by saying that “Jesus is the Son of God.” There was no more blasphemous thing that could have been said, and Faisal wanted to confront and debate the speaker. The man continued to quote from the Bible, saying that, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. If you receive Jesus, you will be guaranteed life with God in heaven.” What? The speaker was so sure that Jesus is the way to get to heaven. This could not be! He knew Muslims have no assurance of salvation.

At another convention, Faisal again attended the Sunday meeting. This time the man said, “If you believe in Jesus, He will give you the right and power to be sons of God just by calling on His name.” At the end, the 20,000 people attending were asked to stand, and Faisal, not wanting to be embarrassed, stood out of courtesy. 

“The moment I stood,” Faisal shared, “God Almighty manifested in Majesty right in front of me, and every fiber of my being became aware of Him and His mighty Presence. Suddenly someone (The Lord) stood before me and His presence went right through me.” Many thoughts were going through his mind and he had one burning question that he managed to ask: “God, what are You doing there? I thought these are the bad guys.” 

Did Faisal have an instant understanding? Or was it a process? On Day 7, we will see how God transformed his life, raising him up to become the man of God he is today!

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


During the month of Ramadan, many Muslims will have the opportunity to have an encounter with Jesus that can be life-changing. Take this time to pray that the Lord will invade their lives, open their hearts to His Truth, and reveal His glory, resulting in the salvation of multitudes.

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