Dr. Sam Solomon was raised in the Middle East as a Muslim, spent 15 years studying to become an Islamic jurist, and is an expert on Islamic sharia law. Unusual circumstances drew him to begin reading the Bible. In the holy scriptures, he saw the tremendous differences from all that he was taught in the Qur’an. Dr. Sam repented of his sins and received Jesus Christ as his Lord.

A few years ago, he released his book, “Not the Same God.” He asked a vital question of Christians and Muslims, “Is the Qur’anic Allah the LORD God of the Bible?” Dr. Solomon makes a convincing case that Islamic theology amounts to a complete contradiction of the Judeo-Christian faith.

Some examples: 

As Christian believers, we have realized we were sinners and received the sacrifice paid by Jesus on the cross. Our sins forgiven, we now have peace with God. Jesus enables us to walk daily in the peace of God. Our salvation is life-changing . . . for now, and for eternity.

Sadly, for the Muslims, the Qur’an denies the divinity of Jesus, along with his crucifixion and resurrection. Muslims teach that Muhammad is the ultimate “seal of the prophets” and fulfillment of all God-given scriptures. Original sin is denied, and they reject the Christian teaching for salvation and the forgiveness of sins.

We see that no matter how hard they try, the followers of Islam will never experience the love of God, the assurance of their sins forgiven, or eternal life without Jesus. It is heartbreaking.


  • Muslims are caught in a web of deception. They cannot see there is a God who has called them to His Kingdom. Take a stand on their behalf against the lying contradictions and blindness that block them from receiving the revealed Word of God.
  • Pray that the Lord will send laborers to give them a New Testament, in person or online, so they can see how Jesus, the exact image of God, reveals His love and kindness. 

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