There is much confusion about religion in the world, and the vast majority of people in the  Western world believe that Christians and Muslims worship the same God. Is this true? We will continue to review the doctrines of Christianity and Islam to learn the differences.


The Trinity is foundational to the Christian faith. This doctrine of the Trinity (Tri-unity) states that God is a single being who exists, simultaneously and eternally, as a communion of three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. His attributes are eternal and unchangeable, with perfect justice, goodness, and truth. He is a holy God.

Islam dismisses the Christian belief in the Trinity as worshipping “many Gods.” They falsely teach that Jesus’ followers worship the Father, Son, and Mary (mother of Jesus), only adding to the confusion in their understanding of our faith.

The God of the Christians pursues a personal relationship with His worshipers. He extends His love and desires to receive love in return. Although God hates sin, He loves the sinner. 

Allah is described in the Qur’an as the great “unknowable” who does not reveal himself to mortal man. They teach that he is a remote god who reveals his law, but not himself. He is full of judgment and power, but lacks the attributes of holiness, love, purity, and grace. He cannot be called “father,” and the fundamental Muslim is unable to say that “God is love.”

Muslims go through life, not knowing whether the god they follow loves them for they do not know His character, only his will based on his law. They have no assurance of salvation in their heart, and only their “works” (or fighting in jihad) qualify them for eternity. 

There is a stark difference in the beliefs of Christianity and Islam. Take a moment to thank God for the wonder of His love, the abundance of His goodness, and His grace in your life.


  • Pray for Muslims to have an unsettling in their heart, desiring “more” understanding of God that causes them to question in their mind the issues that are troubling in their faith.
  • Many Christian workers (aka Missionaries) are in Muslim nations. Ask God to give them opportunities to boldly share the Word of God and the truth of the gospel message of  Jesus.

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