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Category: 2020 Ramadan Prayer

Stark Differences

Dr. Sam Solomon was raised in the Middle East as a Muslim, spent 15 years studying to become an Islamic jurist, and is an expert on Islamic sharia law. Unusual circumstances drew him to begin reading the Bible. In the…

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Ramadan Will Be Different This Year

Today we spoke with our friend, Dr. Victor, who was born and raised in Egypt. He regularly views Arabic TV by satellite and fully understands the Arabic language. As a result, he sees how Muslims are living and facing difficult…

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Our Opportunity for Ramadan 2020

The Islamic 30-day Ramadan fast for 2020 will start on or around the evening of April 23 and will be observed by the majority of the 1.6–1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of…

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