We continue the testimony of an Arab Palestinian woman who tells her story with keen insight into the Muslim culture. 

“When I went to Jordan to introduce my daughter to my father, he planned to kill me because being divorced and with a child, I brought shame to the family.

A woman from the U.S. Immigration Department reached out and arranged for me to return to family in New York, but my father and my ex-husband plotted and took my daughter from me. They forced me into another Muslim marriage to a cruel man in Connecticut who abused and beat me. I became pregnant on our wedding night, and we had twins. One day he said in Arabic, ‘I am going to kill you.’ He became violent, broke my nose, tore my clothes, and shot a gun in the air.

The police came and an officer told me, ‘You need to leave before you die!’

I heard a voice say, ‘Leave the darkness for the light. Leave the darkness for the light.’ Because of that voice, I had the strength to take my children and leave. I did not know the culture, though, and my children and I became homeless, living on the streets.

One day in a shop I met a woman who was very loving and kind. She hired me as a cook, and we built a friendship. I was puzzled and wondered, Why does she love as she does? She and her husband took us into their home and then helped me find my own place.

When I finally asked her about her love, she told me about Jesus. I interrupted and told her the Qur’an is the truth and Mohammad is the final prophet.

She said, ‘If you believe in Jesus, He will make your life better.’ For two years, she told me about Jesus, but because of my background, I could not believe that God had a son, yet I wanted this love she had.

I was unhappy, though I was making money. I needed truth. I said, ‘Jesus, if You are the Son of God, come down and show me.’

 That moment, the room began to change, and Jesus was standing in front of me. I heard His voice, and it was the same voice that told me to leave the darkness for the Light. He then said in Arabic, ‘I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way, and no one comes to the Father except by Me. I am Jesus, the One you denied. I came to save you, to make you a happy person. You don’t have to do anything; know that I love you.’

Suddenly Jesus made sense to me. He said, “You are My daughter.” A new heavenly language was coming from my tongue. I saw multitudes of people of every color and race in the spirit, and I could hear the sounds of every language and tongue, millions worshiping God.”

She had been through so much and tried to follow the Qur’an, but it was Jesus who, at age 29, gave her love, freedom, healing, and security, setting her free.

*Adapted from testimony in 5 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


Pray that the millions of Muslim women who are being abused, used, and sold in slavery will encounter the freedom and love that Jesus has for them. 

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