Asked to share her testimony, a young, Arab Palestinian girl discussed her life growing up that gives us insight into the Muslim culture. For her protection, we do not share her name.

She writes, “When the Six Day War broke out in Israel on June 6, 1967, my mother was pregnant with me and a cousin moved her from Gaza to Bethlehem. A few days after I was born she died and no one knew where my father was, so I was placed in a Jewish orphanage even though I was a Palestinian child. I was treated well in the orphanage but the wars continued and one day as I was sent to the well for water a bomb came and destroyed the orphanage and everyone within. I was now all alone in the world. A Israeli soldier found me wandering around crying and helped me. Later I was given to an Arab man who sold me to a dirty Bedouin man. I was taken to a large group people in a caravan. A woman covered my head and said, ‘you are a Muslim now’ and taught me the prayers and ways of the Muslim people. I traveled in the Bedouin caravan and lived the Bedouin lifestyle. Even though it was dirty and difficult, I belonged.

One day fighting broke out and along with 50 other children we were put on a bus and taken to Jordan to an orphanage owned by one of King Hussein’s relatives. It was a much better place. We had running water, took baths and had food and clothes. It felt like we were royalty. Learning Islam from the Bedouins, in Jordan I continued to live my Muslim life. I was taught that Muhammad was God and I would obediently do all the Qur’an required.

When I became a teenager I was notified that my father had been found and that he lived in Jordan. I was taken to him. Sadly, my father never accepted me as his child and I became his slave.

At age 15, a marriage was arranged and I was given to a man from New York. After five years of marriage, I had a daughter and my husband convinced me to take her to Jordan to meet my family. He then arranged a divorce from me. My father was going to kill me because being divorced with a child, I brought shame to the family.”

Sadly, many Muslim women around the world face similar hardships in life and according to the Qur’an, this is acceptable. Fortunately, it is not the end of her story; good news is ahead!
*Adapted from testimony in 5 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD

Muslims are taught that the majority of those who will be in hell are women. The women of Islam do not have hope for a good life, here or at death. Pray for them, that the love of God will be revealed to them in a powerful way.

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