After a severe car accident broke Kamal Saleem’s* neck in two places, he had no place for the recovery that would take weeks. His surgeon graciously invited Kamal to stay in his home with their family as his healing took place. Kamal witnessed an outpouring of Christian, unconditional love.

After staying with the physician and his family, Kamal had never experienced this type of love. He saw how they lived their lives. They had a relationship with their God and with one another as husband and wife. Although he had come to their nation from Lebanon with the purpose of destruction, he was trusted. Even the children called him “Uncle Kamal.” After some weeks, the surgeon said, “These are the keys to the house, and this is an extra key to the new car we are giving you. We want to bless you. You can come any time you want.”

Upon recovery, Kamal said, “I went to my home, a cold place where I haven’t been in months. Dust was thick. I knew I had to settle this issue with my God to know if it’s real or not. I walked inside and shut the door. I went right to the eastern window, fell on my knees, put my hands to the heavens, and I cry out, ‘Allah, Allah my lord and my king. Why have you done such a thing to me? I’m okay with the car wreck. I’m okay with all this, but why did you put me among Christians? I’m confused. These Christians and Jews are good people. There’s nothing wrong with them. They don’t want to kill us. They’re not the same thing that I learned in Islam, Allah. These people have a relationship with their God. These people cry out to their God, and He answers them. I want to hear your voice. I want to hear you love me. If you’re real, speak to me. I want to hear your voice.’ Guess what Allah said that day? Absolutely nothing.'”

All Kamal heard was silence, because it is not in Allah’s nature to speak. As a Muslim, Kamal knew that the god of Islam could not be known personally, he reveals his law but not himself. Allah is considered a wrathful god, full of judgment and power but lacking the attributes of holiness, love, purity, and grace. He is not called a ‘father’, and the orthodox Muslim cannot say, “God is Love.”

Thank God, the story does not end here. In our next post, #14, we learn how God ends this amazing account of his life.

*Testimony was given directly by Kamal Saleem of

The agape love of God can reach the heart of a Muslim through Christians who walk in love. Ask God to divinely connect Muslims with loving Christians, enabling them to experience the same love that was felt by Kamal, breaking down the walls of resistance to Christ.

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