Too Entrenched in their Beliefs to be Reached? – Day 4

In a Muslim nation, everything in society proceeds from their faith. Because Islam is a social, political, economic, judicial, educational, militaristic system, cloaked as a religion, it affects their entire life. It is not only a part of their life; it is their life.

Faithful Muslims believe that Allah (their God) sent many prophets, including Jesus. They are taught that the final prophet was Muhammad, to whom Allah gave the Qur’an and that it is the only book from God that is not corrupted or unchanged.

Faisal Malick* was born in Pakistan and was a devout Sunni Muslim who learned much about his faith from men around him who were also strict Muslims. To him, Allah was the only true God and creator of heaven and earth. In that atmosphere, he was committed to studying the Qur’an and loved to recite it. After school, Faisal would go to classes three to four hours a day to learn the Qur’an. He was willing to die for his holy book, and the Qur’an became his primary purpose in his life.

There are many Muslims just like Faisal with a heart seeking to know God and please him. They have a hunger for spiritual things and yet have not heard the truth of the gospel.

As Christians, we tend to think that deeply committed Muslims cannot be reached with the gospel of Christ because they are too entrenched in their beliefs. However, as we continue in the next several days, we will see that the love of Jesus never fails and can reach every Muslim!

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims want to please Allah and are especially open to spiritual things. They believe that Christians and Jews are deceived, yet in Qur’an sura 1, they continually pray they will be “guided to the straight way.” Ask the Lord to soften their hearts and use their own prayer to lead them to Jesus, the One who is Truth.

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