The holy scriptures tell us in Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.’” We can ponder this and yet never fully grasp all that this means.

For the Christian, the Bible promises to lift us up from our fears and guilt. God gives us eternal life. Through our salvation, we have the path to healing, forgiveness, and mercy. Hope becomes the anchor of our soul and our lives can be totally transformed. It is the incredible gift of God!

In her book, “Wholly Different”, former Muslim Nonie Darwish revealed that nothing ever comes close to this in Islam, which provides no road to salvation from human sin and suffering. She said, “With my conversion from Islam to Christianity, my whole outlook on life, humanity, and myself was changed. I saw divine qualities, value, beauty, and dignity in every human being. I experienced healing and reconciliation with my Creator almost overnight. It was only through Biblical values that I was able to forgive those who hurt me personally in the past. I was able to heal and turn the worst thing that happened to me into the best thing that happened to me. This could never have happened to me without Jesus Christ.” She went on to say that her joy in Christ was nothing less than miraculous.

What would Nonie have experienced if she had never left her homeland for a Western nation? Would she still be living a bleak and meaningless life?

The Lord’s desire is that the lives of those in Islam become transformed into His image. As we walk with God, he tenderizes our hearts to look at others in an entirely different way. We begin to see their struggles, their pain, their hopelessness; a life without the joy that brings us strength.


Father, we desire Your sensitivity and a tenderized heart to see those without Christ through your eyes. Holy Spirit, when we see a Muslim, quicken us with a strategic prayer that will be life-changing, placing them on the Lord’s path to becoming fully transformed into His image.

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