There are powerful testimonies of Muslims who rejected Islam and now have a relationship with Jesus Christ. MBB’s (Muslim-background believers) testify how receiving Jesus as Lord has changed them.

One example is the testimony of Fatemah. Her earliest memories were of being raped by her brothers. At age 11, she was sold in marriage to a young drug addict who abused her and then divorced her when she was 17. Upon returning home, she was raped again until she decided to leave. On the streets, she heard the gospel preached, and she trusted Jesus. In time, she married a Christian man. As they were receiving training in evangelism and church planting, Fatemah felt called to go back home and witness to her family. She rejoiced as she saw her entire family repent and give their lives to the Lord!

In another testimony, Miriam and her 10-year-old daughter were recently in the mountains trying to escape from her sharia law nation when COVID-19 started. She shared, “We knew that we had to walk for days and pass through dangerous paths in the mountains for our freedom. In the beginning, we didn’t know the virus had started because in the mountains we had no access to phones and the internet and I did not want to know the future. We were on our way of escape in the mountains, realizing the Islamic police were searching everywhere to find us and we heard about the virus crisis ahead of us. Jesus had already taught me to focus on the present. I knew thinking about the future at that point would only distract me and bring fear. I would not allow myself to forget that Jesus would be with us all the way to freedom.”

Miriam continued, “My daughter cried all the way, but she did not understand that our walk was to freedom. We had to walk for hours and could only sleep for three hours on the dusty ground. We knew we had to make it to the border. If our escape had been unsuccessful, the punishment would have been even harsher. We were told the border wasn’t safe because of the coronavirus, and the police were controlling the borders more strictly than before. We had no choice but to continue. We were praying loudly in the mountains and calling upon the name of Jesus as we were walking in the dark; our faith was the only thing moving us ahead. By God’s grace, we finally were able to cross the border into the nearby nation. Freedom at last! We are now in a place where we know we won’t be imprisoned and tortured for our faith. We are so grateful to Jesus.”

As we hear the testimonies, our hearts are stirred and challenged when we learn of the sacrifices and persecutions faced by Muslims when becoming believers in Jesus. 


  • During this Ramadan time of prayer, Muslim hearts are more open than at other times, and they are being challenged in their faith. Allow the love of God to minister to you and reveal ways to pray for them during the year.
  • Pray that the MBBs (Muslim Background believers) will continue to grow in their faith, be courageous, and develop meaningful relationships with others to encourage them in their walk with Christ.

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