Muslims love to talk about religious issues. Just as many “Christians” are only in name and not truly walking with the Lord, the same is true about many Muslims. Often they know little about the beliefs; instead, it is a practice of rituals. Usually, when there is a discussion with them, we find that a lot of their objections to Christianity are from hearsay and not based upon the Word of God.

You may talk with a Muslim who has studied the Bible – just to criticize it. But many have never read any part of the Bible. When speaking with them, state what you believe clearly, without apology, showing you believe the Bible is the Word of God! Use the scriptures to explain your point. It may seem unusual, but Muslims will respect you more when you stand firm for your Christian beliefs. If there is a question they have and you don’t know the correct answer, tell them you will find out. Then be sure to do it.

Be a good listener. You will learn how they view things in general. Remember in the scriptures how Jesus would listen and respond. Avoid theological terminology. Terms such as ‘regeneration,’ ‘the new birth,’ ‘justification,’ ‘being filled with the Holy Spirit’ etc. will not be understood by them. Forgiveness, assurance, and eternal life are familiar words.

Emphasize the importance of Jesus. A Muslim is more interested in what Jesus said, what He did, and what He commanded. They also love to hear the stories of the prophets, such as Noah, Daniel, Abraham, David, etc. If possible, show how various prophets foretold the coming of Jesus. 

In conversation, because ‘Son of God’ is offensive, use Messiah. (Muslims believe in a coming Messiah). They will most likely be interested in hearing about His second coming.

Muslims pray 5 times a day. Share with them that Christians can and do pray at any time. We are not restricted in any way in prayer. They believe they go to ‘paradise’ because of good works. Let them know we are saved by grace through faith. We are to do good works, but our salvation is based solely on Jesus’ sacrifice by taking the sins of the world when He was on the cross. 

As you develop a relationship, you can then ask important questions. For example: 

  • Do you expect to go to heaven (paradise)?
  • Do you have the assurance that God will accept you? When asking this question, it is recommended you share scriptures from I John 5, considered the ‘know’ chapter. It assures us of our salvation through Jesus. 
  • You can ask, “What does the Qur’an teach about forgiveness?” If they are open, share I John 1:9; our assurance of forgiveness. Genuine discussions, not arguments, show you care and reveal you are interested in the important and essential things of life.

 Three of the top reasons Muslims receive Christ in Western nations:

  • Receiving a Bible, especially the New Testament. Romans 10:17 declares, “… faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.”
  • Meeting a godly and caring Christian friend.
  •  Experiencing a loving evangelical church. One Muslim, a single woman from Iraq, found the church a place full of special people. She shared, “When I came to the church, I found the people—they are just full of joy. From the way they were dealing with each other, they were so nice, I also became full of joy. I listened to the songs and it was so beautiful. I was really astonished. Through the pastor, I came to know the words of the gospel. His words came straight to my heart. The words I heard made me fall in love with Christ more and more. I wanted to become [a] Christian like them.”


  • Ask God to bring a Muslim into your life to share with and lead to the Lord.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to show you how to pray for Muslims today.

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