We know we are to pray for the salvation of the Muslim people, but what does that prayer look like? One knowledgeable prayer leader says that a vital key to these prayers is to see three faces:

      1. The face of God
      2. The face of the Muslim people
      3. The face of Islam

The Face of God – We see God as the one who desires to intervene on behalf of the Muslim people to bring them from darkness into the light. Islam is a strong, antichrist spirit, but it is no match for the living God, the magnificent Creator of the Universe, the Ruler of all the earth! God is high and lifted up. He is exalted; His name is above all names, and no power in heaven or on earth can match His awesome, mighty power! There is no God but our God, and there is no stronghold that can stand against Him!

The Face of the Muslim People – We must ask the Holy Spirit to give us His revelation of the Muslim people. God loves them and has an individual call on each of their lives and a great purpose for them. He sees their spiritual condition and the deception in their lives. 

We must ask God to cleanse our hearts of any areas of hardness, pride, anger, prejudice, resentment, intolerance, or unforgiveness toward the Muslim people. When we are filled with God’s love for the Muslim people, we will have mercy for them and a desire to see them brought into the kingdom of God.

The Face of Islam – Once we see the greatness of our God and have a love for the Muslim people, then we can discern the face of Islam. We will understand that it is an antichrist system that is seductive and deceptive. The primary goal of the wicked one behind the religion of Islam is to hold its followers captive, so they will never know the true and living God and His Son, Jesus Christ (John 17:2-3).  

God desires to use our prayers to release them from the deception of the system of Islam. God’s Word declares we are “workers together with Him” (2 Cor. 3:1; 1Cor. 3:9). We work together with Him to advance His kingdom. But it is not by our might or by our power, but by His Spirit!


  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you and use you to pray freedom for the people of Islam.
  • Declare that the power of deception will be broken over their hearts and minds.
  • Ask Jesus to reveal Himself and His love to them in dreams and visions.

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