Our guest article today, written by a leader of the United Kingdom, reveals current challenges facing the United Kingdom.

The UK, or United Kingdom, consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, with a combined population of nearly 68 million people. 

British Muslims have been at the forefront of political, media, and societal concerns in regards to terrorism, radicalisation, women’s rights, and segregation. More recently, there is the sexual exploitation and abuse of children, notably the Rochdale and Rotherham “grooming” child sexual abuse. Earlier this year it was revealed that almost 19,000 suspected child sexual exploitation victims by grooming gangs were identified by the local authorities in one year. This news was suppressed by “political correctness” and fear of being seen as Islamophobic.

Muslims account for only 15 percent of the overall UK prison population but still have the ability to dominate the UK prison system. Radicalised Muslims don’t see prison as an obstacle. They view it as an opportunity to organize and expand – recruitment thrives because they have a large “pool of vulnerable people” from which to draw. They are able take control of the entire prison system, not through a riot but by intimidation. One inmate said “If I said I didn’t want to be a Muslim I’d need to watch out in case someone stabbed me. It’s very dangerous to denounce Islam.”

London is the leading centre for Islamic Finance in Western Europe. It operates a Sharia banking system, with the first Islamic bank in Europe to deal in “sharia compliant” Sukuk Bonds.

In an effort to peacefully engage Muslims and their Imams, churches are holding Interfaith meetings, compromising the deity of Christ. Several Cathedrals have held multi-faith services with the Islamic call to prayer. Notably, the BBC has broadcast the Islamic call to prayer five times a day throughout Ramadan.

The majority of Muslims in Britain want to live peacefully, work, and provide for their family and have freedom of worship. Some have become disillusioned with Islam because of the continued Islamic terrorism across the world. Refugee Muslim families are attending church because of the support received and the many acts of kindness shown by Christians, and are openly engaging with the gospel.

There are many stories of encouraging conversations and open discussions about Jesus during Ramadan. One man walked into a church asking how he could tell his parents he was leaving Islam. Another young Muslim taxi driver had an earnest discussion with a Christian traveling with him, saying, “I wish the journey had been longer, so we could talk some more.” 


  • Wisdom and courage for the Government to break the stranglehold of “political correctness” in every dealing with Islam. 
  • To discern “creeping sharia” in Finance.
  • Pray for the church to be educated and aware of the differences between Islam and Christianity, enabling them to have loving, thoughtful, frank, and open discussions.
  • For Christians to see Islam as it really is, with a passion for reaching Muslims with the true freedom and hoping Jesus Christ offers in a relationship with Him.

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