Bringing Their Baggage…

Every year Muslims are leaving their home country and becoming a part of a Western nation. This can be challenging as they bring their religious customs with them, ways that were accepted back home but not acceptable where they are now living.

Nonie Darwish is an amazing woman who lived for the first 30 years of her life in a Middle Eastern nation. In her testimony, “Cruel and Usual Punishment” she shared, “I was a bird in a cage; a second-class citizen who had to watch what I even said to my close friend. Under Islamic law I had to live in a gender-segregated environment and always be aware that the legal and society penalty for ‘sin’ could end my life.”

She continued, “This is what it is like to live as a woman under Sharia law. Sharia (the body of Islamic law) is different from law in the West, because it deals with all aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, marriage, divorce, child rearing and custody, sexuality, sin, crime and social issues. Among other thing, it (sharia) allows a woman seen without a headdress to be flogged, punish rape victims, and calls for beheading for adultery. I never questioned or challenged it —or dared to ever think about its validity.”

Nonie related that in the fall of 2007 she was part of a panel discussion called “Islam and Democracy: Companions or Competitors?” at Mount San Antonio College in Southern California. She said that what happened later is something we need to be aware of and understand, and to ignore this would be at the peril of our democracy.

One of the panelists, the head of the Muslim student organization, fiercely defended Shari. After the discussion Nonie asked him, “If Sharia is the perfect system that every Muslim should follow, why are you living in America and not in a Muslim Sharia state such as Iran or Saudi Arabia?” His answer was that not one Muslim country applied Sharia as it should and that is why he was in America.

Nonie stated, “In the heated discussion that followed, another student who believed that Muslim countries failed to bring about the true Sharia state, actually believed that perhaps the United States could be the first country to apply Sharia the proper way, the way it was intended by Allah. Many of the students echoed that belief, and some even expressed a desire to demand the enforcement of Sharia in America.”

This is important to understand: Many Muslims desire to not only correct and perfect Sharia in their country of origin, they gradually want to expand their perfected Sharia-driven society and impose it upon the rest of the world.


  • Muslims have a zeal that is wrongly directed toward severe control under Sharia instead of liberty given to us by God. Pray their eyes will be opened to the truth of the freedom we have in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Christians to have a desire to understand Islam and the beliefs of Muslims. The church needs to cover ever nation in prayer so sharia law does not dominate the world.
  • Ask God to continue to free Muslims from the bondage of sharia law.

“Cruel and Usual Punishment” Published by Thomas Nelson – Copyright 2008

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