We will never forget the look of sadness in her eyes; she was weary, and without hope. As she shared her testimony, we learned that she had met her husband from the Middle East while studying in a Western university. Raised as a nominal Christian but without a Biblical foundation, her new life on campus was fun and carefree. She met this handsome, dark-haired Arabic man who “swept her off her feet” with his loving attention. He told her that Muslims and Christians worship the same God; they believe in the Bible and, of course, Jesus. He wanted to marry her, and the idea of living in the Middle East sounded so romantic.

Once married, they left for his home nation to build their life together. It all sounded so exciting until they got settled, and he took her passport away from her. When she became pregnant he said, “I want 12 children and if you don’t give them to me, I will get another wife.” By the time we met her in her late 20’s, she was pregnant with her sixth child. What could she do? She was required to raise her children Muslim, and she could not go back to her home nation. She was now a believer in Jesus but had no passport, and she loved her children. She was trapped in an unchangeable, hopeless situation and no promise for change.

Many people who live in Western nations don’t have a Christian background and have little or no Biblical understanding because they were not taught God’s principles while growing up. Their perception of Christianity may come from the media or movies, unbelieving professors, and things they have read. They may also have a false understanding of Biblical teachings compared to the general society, or even a rejection of any belief in God. As a result, there is a prevalent thinking that Christianity and Islam are very similar with only minor differences. 

A Muslim may tell Christians that the Qur’an speaks of many Old Testament Prophets, including Jesus, and it refers favorably of Christians. However, because of what they were taught in their religion, they will not tell you they believe Jesus is the Son of God or that He died on the cross. As a Muslim they cannot question anything in their religion or the Qur’an.

II Corinthians 6:14 gives us God’s direction for marriage, “Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and unrighteousness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Marrying a person of a different religion means marrying an unbeliever, or being unequally yoked.

Tens of thousands of Christian women in Western nations have married Muslim men in the past 20-30 years. If the man does not practice his religion, it may be a workable situation. But if he follows his religion, often the wife finds herself trapped in a nightmare of oppression, abuse, and control.


  • God is love, and He is full of mercy. Ask Him to intervene in marriages where they are unequally yoked and draw them both into a relationship with Jesus where they can live in His peace.
  • Many Muslim men and women have come to Christ through dreams and visions. During this time of Ramadan, pray they will encounter the living God, giving them a revelation of Jesus that is life-changing!

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