In the Center For Security Policy’s series, the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Frank Gaffney points out “stealth jihad techniques” the Brotherhood is using to accomplish their mission of “civilization-jihad.” One of the techniques is to demand concessions from Western individuals and businesses.

One example of concessions Muslims have tried to insist upon include taxi drivers in Minneapolis refusing to carry passengers possessing alcohol or even more incredibly blind passengers because shariah compliant cab drivers consider Seeing Eye dogs “haram” or forbidden. In a five-year period of time 5,400 passengers were turned away from taxi service by Muslim cab drivers. Eventually the airport commission voted to enact penalties for taxi drivers who refused passengers.

In another example, a company was sued even though they never hired a Muslim applicant for a job. An Ellicott City, Maryland assisted living center, Morningside House, must pay $25,000 and undergo mandated religious discrimination training for supervisors, managers and anyone involved in the hiring process as settlement for a lawsuit against the facility. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) charged that Morningside House did not hire the Muslim job applicant because she refused to remove her hijab, a headscarf worn by Muslim women.

The interviewer, expressing concerns that the hijab may interfere with her duty to work as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) simply asked the applicant if she would be willing to remove her hijab. The applicant replied that she had worn the hijab during her training and it had not interfered during that time.

The applicant was told she would be contacted if they were interested in hiring her. She was not contacted. After the interview process the company did hire ten CNAs in September 2010. The press release regarding the lawsuit did not contain any details regarding the number of applicants or their qualifications compared to the Muslim applicant.

The EEOC charged that not hiring the Muslim woman was a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which requires employers to “accommodate an employee’s or applicant’s sincerely held religious beliefs unless it creates an undue hardship.”

More incredibly, in a attempt to “accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs”, Wegman’s, a supermarket in Rochester, NY set up a special checkout line for a Muslim cashier directing customers to go to other lines if they have pork or alcohol.

Morningside House is not the first American business that has been sued by the EEOC on behalf of Muslims. Other American companies who have been sued by Muslim women desiring to wear a hijab include American Airlines, Alamo Rent-A-Car, Abercrombie & Fitch and Disney. In 2009, the EEOC received 1,490 complaints from Muslims, the fifth consecutive year the number of complaints rose.

Although it is important to support the freedom of religion, American businesses should also have the right to hire applicants of their choice. In our nation, adherents of other religions who may have a religious objection to an employer’s policies simply find another job. Demanding special accommodations for the Islamic religion in the workplace is an exploitation of American principles, and the first step of forcing American business principles to bow to Dhimmitude (the subjugation of non-Muslims by Muslims).


  • Our American system allows individuals to change jobs and work in the place of their choice. Conversely, businesses should have the right to hire applicants of their choice. Pray our government will not force businesses to accommodate one religion more than others.
  • Pray that Muslims in our nation will assimilate into the Western culture rather than demanding Western culture adapt to their demands.
  • Christians in the workplace are representatives of Christ. Pray that they will be righteous witnesses and reach out in a Christ-like manner to those around them, including Muslims.

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