As taught in Islam, Muhammad’s wife, Khadijah, insisted that Muhammad’s spiritual encounters with the angel Gabriel proved he was a prophet. Muhammad began to declare to the people of Mecca that he was a prophet in the same lineage as Abraham and Jesus, and Allah (one of the 360 gods worshipped in Mecca) was the one and only god. 

Muhammad taught the religion of Islam for 13 years in Mecca, but only gained about 150 followers. At the time people in Mecca worshipped many different gods and were not fond of Muhammad telling them they were wrong, and their ancestors were burning in hell. In addition, the annual pagan pilgrimage to Mecca to worship the gods was a large part of the city’s economy.

In an attempt to appease and reconcile with the people of Mecca, Muhammad received a revelation that Allah approved of three Meccan gods, Allah’s daughters, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Al-Manat. (Sura 53:19-26). According to Islamic scholars, the people of Mecca rejoiced and were happy that Muhammad included them, but their rejoicing was short-lived when some of Muhammad’s own followers began to question him. He said that Satan had spoken through him, and he no longer acknowledged the Meccan gods. (Sura 22:52) 

Muhammad was somewhat protected while his uncle was still alive, however after his death he and his followers were forced to leave. It is estimated that over 60% of the Qur’an was written in Mecca. This portion of the Qur’an is the peaceful “there’s no compulsion in religion” portion, but once Muhammad was forced out of Mecca, the nature of his evangelism and the Qur’an drastically changed.

We Take Up the Rod of Heaven’s Authority:

Lord God, we stand with You on behalf of the people of Islam who do not realize their need for a Savior, but rather believe that works will get them to “paradise.” Based upon Psalm 119:18, we declare You are a loving God, and You desire to “Open their eyes that they may behold wondrous things out of Your Word.” We thank You for releasing them from spiritual darkness, enabling them to see their great need to have a loving relationship with the true and living God, our Lord Jesus Christ!

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