God’s love for the Muslim people is immeasurable! As Ramadan ends, thank you for standing with us in prayer during the past thirty days. We invite you to participate in a brief survey about our Ramadan prayer series.

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During the past month, our messages revealed that even the most radical of Muslims could be changed with the powerful, life-changing gospel of Christ.

We have attempted to separate the Muslim people from the deception of the teachings of Islam. Because of their religious beliefs based upon the Qur’an and the Hadith (sayings of Muhammad), they are a shame-based society that lacks freedom of expression, and they follow beliefs that causes suffering in their lives. Even if a Muslim is dangerous, they were not born evil; they have been taught the doctrines they believe in that cause them to act in that manner.

People can learn to make a separation in their minds between the Muslim people and the teachings of Islam. Only a tiny percentage of Muslims are radical. All the others can be described as secular, traditional, moderate, or orthodox who want to live a normal life, enjoy their families, and be pleasing to their god.

A person can love and respect Muslim people even if they reject the teachings of Islam. As we complete this series, it is important that we have an understanding of their beliefs and be ready to unveil or expose those that are contrary to the Word of God. But above all, we remember that Jesus loves them the same as He loves us, and He died for their sins.

During this month God has stirred the hearts of Christians throughout the nations to pray for Muslims to come into His kingdom. May God bind all of our prayers together before His throne, bringing an incredible harvest of souls coming to Christ around the world. To God be the glory!


2 thoughts on “A Request and Our Thanks – Day 30

  1. Thank you for these excellent articles to keep prayer focused from Father’s heart towards Muslims who need Him.

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