n Day 21, we read the true story of Cemil and Isil, Muslims in Turkey. In that first part, Isil, the wife, had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and then about six months later, her husband Cemil also had an encounter with Christ. In a way that opened their spiritual eyes, Christ knew exactly when and how to reveal Himself to each of them individually.

Christ appeared to Cemil in a bright light. Cemil said he could not see his face, but he knew it was Jesus. Cemil shared, “I was not afraid but very astonished. Jesus was standing very close to me. He asked, ‘What are you looking for?’ I replied, ‘The truth.’ 

Then Jesus said, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.’ He then came even closer to me and put His hand on the top of my head. I felt an energy coming out of His hand going straight through me. My whole body started to shake under the power coming from Him. My wife came into the room. She saw me shaking so badly and called my name, crying, ‘What’s the matter? What’s happening?’ Jesus then told me not to be afraid and to tell Isil not to be afraid.

The shaking stopped, and I told Isil not to fear, that I was seeing Jesus, and we were talking. She replied in shock, ‘If you are talking to Jesus, ask if Him if He heard me when I prayed at the church six months ago and ask Him what I prayed about.’

Before I could speak, Christ answered, ‘I heard.’ He then told me what she had prayed, and I started telling her all that He told me. I was still seeing Jesus, but I heard Isil crying, and she said, ‘You really are talking to Him because I never told you what I had prayed about.’ Then she said, ‘Ask Him what we should do.’”

Christ answered, “Repent, and I will show you the way.” And then He was gone. I looked at my wife, and she was on her knees crying. I was also crying. We did just what He said and repented from our sins. I held my wife’s hands, and we repented together. We said, “We believe in You, Jesus. Thank You for coming into our lives.”

God honors those who call out to Him in desperation and sincerity, who long to know the Truth. God told the prophet, Jeremiah, “Call to Me, and I will answer you” (Jeremiah 33:3). This same invitation is extended to all today.

 * Adapted from Cemil and Isil Akbulut – 5 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


Lord, our world is deceived by sin. We pray as Muslims all over the world are seeking, that they will cry out to you in sincere longing and desperation for truth. We ask You to reveal Yourself to each of them personally and glorify Your name, just as You did with Cemil and Isil.

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