In our last post, we shared how, over five years, Mosab Hassan Yousef was led by God to receive the revelation of Jesus as Lord (John 6:44). Today is the last chapter of his remarkable story.

Concurrently, though he was the son of a founding member of Hamas and had endured brutal treatment in an Israeli prison, Mosab was weary of all the suicide bombings and killings initiated by Hamas. He wanted the evil to stop. Through a set of circumstances, Shin Bet, the Israeli intelligence agency, recruited him to give them highly sensitive information about Hamas leaders. They gave him the code name of “Green Prince,” using the color of the Hamas flag and “Prince,” his pedigree as the son of one of the movement’s founders.

Mosab was willing to work with Shin Bet, because he was disillusioned with the violent struggle that his father and friends were waging. Shin Bet considered him a most valuable source within the Hamas leadership. The information Mosab supplied prevented dozens of suicide attacks and assassinations in Israel, exposed numerous Hamas cells, assisted in hunting down many militants, which resulted in many saved lives.

Eventually, after over ten years of this dangerous double life, Mosab made his way to California, where he wrote his book, “Son of Hamas.” Once it was published, his family disowned him, yet he continued to receive comfort from his Christian faith. As believers learned about his conversion, they began praying for his safety.

Mosab applied for political asylum in the United States but was rejected. He faced deportation to Jordan based on the fact that he had once been a member of Hamas. If deported, he realized Hamas would most likely take his life.

Gonen Ben Yitzhak was his primary handler in Shin Bet. Mosab considered this man as “his brother.” Risking his life to fly to the United States to confirm the astounding story of Mosab’s counter-terrorism work, Yitzhak said, “he risked his life every day to prevent violence.” In coming forward to save Mosab from deportation, this courageous man exposed his own identity to all the murderous forces he had exposed for years. After this testimony, the request for political asylum was approved.

Today Mosab is a frequent guest speaker where he talks about the atrocities committed by Hamas and speaks to Jewish groups about his support for freedom in Israel. God’s hand continues to protect and use his life in an amazing way.

Mosab’s story of political intrigue is revealed in his book, “Son of Hamas.” A documentary adaption is called “The Green Prince” and is available for viewing on


As we pray for Muslims during Ramadan, be encouraged, all Muslims can be reached for salvation if they are open. I Timothy 2:4 tells us, “God wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” Draw them, Lord!

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