Have you ever passed others in a shopping mall and wondered, “How do they view life? Do they believe in absolute truth? Is their world view so different that it would conflict with mine?”

In our culture we have often heard the term “Judeo-Christian” beliefs or values. In recent years there is a move to include the three Abrahamic faiths, (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) together, without considering that Islam’s moral values are diametrically opposed to Biblical values.

During this 30-Day Ramadan series, we will briefly examine how the differences have impacted Muslims to reconsider their beliefs and be open to God’s heart of love for them.

Nonie Darwish is director of “Former Muslims United.” Now a human rights activist, she was born and raised as a devout Muslim in Egypt. Her father was a martyr for Islam. When Nonie immigrated to the United States, she realized how completely the Koran had formed virtually every aspect of her life. In fact, she professed that Islam’s holy book had actually deformed her childhood.

In her book, “Wholly Different”, Nonie shared that the simple things all of us in America (and Western nations) take for granted — small kindnesses from strangers, mutual trust, polite apologies, women having equal rights and respect, children being protected and encouraged, not abused and shamed — were completely new to her. She flourished in Western society, where she discovered peace, freedom, integrity, and human dignity that she had never experienced in her native land.

In the days ahead we will learn from Nonie’s life as well as other former Muslims how we can impact the way a Muslim lives, even turning some away from radicalism to the gospel of Christ.

Ask God to reveal His heart for the Muslim people to the body of Christ, enabling us to see them through the eyes of His love.

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