There was a panel discussion on one of the most well-known television shows in Egypt. The host, a Muslim woman, is known for her controversial topics of conversations that are watched by millions in the Middle East. On this particular program, her guests were Muslim and religious leaders. In the last centuries, Muslim leaders denied the fact that Muslims were converting into the Christian faith. “This is Christian propaganda,” they usually said. 

Today, however, there are millions of Muslims leaving Islam and converting to Christianity, with an abundance of hard evidence that can’t be denied any longer. Note that the subject of this discussion was not whether Muslims are turning to Christianity, but rather, “Why are they converting to Christianity?” Egyptian born and educated, Dr. Victor gave us this report and shared he was watching this show live on an Egyptian channel that is licensed by government authorities. The discussion was all about, “Why and what to do about it?” Many reasons were discussed. Eventually, one of the guests asked the hard question, “What about signs and wonders? We cannot deny that many Muslims have experienced the healing power of Jesus. In fact, it is recorded in the Qur’an.”

Dr. Victor shared, “We know that the Sharia law of Islam allows the killing of any Muslim who changes his/her religion. We have watched the news about many Muslim countries that regularly execute those who have turned their back on Islam; the executions were enforced by the high court of Islam. In the last several years, however, the Egyptian authorities refused to issue the death penalty in such cases declaring they are not called to carry out the death penalty. Instead, they put the responsibility on the Islamic high court.

The leaders of the Islamic high court found themselves in a dilemma, as the increasing number of converts made it hard for them to issue the death penalty in such numbers. So, their answer, in the end, had to be, “Let Allah punish them.” 

Millions still leave Islam for a variety of reasons, but the one that stands very firm is the undeniable fact of signs and wonders done in the Name of Jesus. 

Another phenomenon that is experienced in Egypt and throughout the Middle East are dreams and visions of Jesus. Muslims are open to dreams because of the precedent in the Qur’an. Mission Frontiers magazine reported that a survey of 600 Muslim converts to Christianity, 25 percent experienced a dream that led to their conversion.

In their dream or vision, they shared that Jesus was speaking Scripture to them that they had never heard before, or “a man in white” was physically appearing. This supernatural encounter brought them a great sense of peace, and they realize that Jesus Christ is truly God. 


  •  It is only in Christianity where the true, life-changing supernatural signs and wonders, dreams, and visions are happening to Muslims. Pray that they will experience a tremendous increase in the Biblical supernatural in their lives, revealing the power of Christ.
  • Pray for God’s revelation of Jesus to those who are deceived, or those who have any questions. Ask Him to reveal the price Jesus paid on the cross for their sins and give them the courage to leave Islam.

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