The Barna Group reports that 59% of American adults believe that “Christians and Muslims worship the same God even though they have different names and beliefs regarding God.” 43% of Americans believe “the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon are all different expressions of the same spiritual truths.” Perhaps even more disturbing, 40% of those identifying themselves as born again Christians indicated that they believe Christians and Muslims worship the same God.

One of the most challenging tasks Christians face even with an understanding of Islam is how to communicate that we most certainly do not worship the same God as Muslims especially in a time where the average attention span of a human being has dropped to 8.25 seconds, actually one second less than a goldfish!

In response to these disturbing statistics, the Ramadan series this year is going to be different from previous years. We will be sharing primarily through infographics and other visual representations basic differences between Christianity and Islam with an encouragement for Christians to pray for Muslims.

We are asking our subscribers to help us make this year’s series a success by sharing the daily content with your families, neighbors, and churches and especially with your contacts on social media sites such as Facebook. For those of you that receive the daily emails, please feel free to pass those along to your contact list.

The Pew Research Center reports among all Americans over the age of 18, 58% use Facebook. Worldwide 71% of Internet users are on Facebook, and of those 70% use the site daily. A 2013 Ipsos OTX poll of online consumers indicated that 71% shared some type of content on social media within the previous month. The most popular item shared was pictures with 43% of respondents reporting that they had shared pictures in the previous month.

You are an integral part of this strategy, and we are excited to be co-laboring alongside of you. Please feel free to add your daily prayers for Muslims to the comment section on our website or on our Facebook page, and encourage others to subscribe.

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Prayer Series for 2015

  1. I just wanted to know if all of you are getting this “Best Current News” email to use and pray during Ramadan. Love you, Jeannine 

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