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10 Qur’anic Passages That Are Hostile Toward Christians

In Ibn Warraq ‘s book, Why I Am Not a Muslim, he writes: Muhammad was not an original thinker; he did not formulate any new ethical principles, but merely borrowed from the prevailing cultural milieu. The eclectic nature of Islam…

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Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?

In an attempt to refute the statement, “Islam is a religion of violence,” a Christian website made the following statement, “Reality: Islam as a religious system has not been any more violent than Christianity or Judaism.” This is an argument…

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Over 1400 Years of Hate

Muhammad is considered the perfect example for Muslims to follow. The Qur’an states over 90 times that Muhammad’s life – his words and actions are to be the pattern for humanity. In Islam, the term “People of the Book” refers…

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