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Agent for Cultural Jihad – Day 10

“We were training for what’s called, ‘Culture Jihad,’ which is shifting cultures. Culture jihad is unlike the sword, unlike the rifle, Culture jihad is not violent. The goal is to infiltrate your world via any outlet where two or more people congregate,” Kamal Saleem has declared.

By his 20s, Kamal Saleem* was chosen to wage cultural jihad on America. He said, “My heart’s greatest desire was to see America, the giant infidel, dead. There were many Muslim groups with the goal of cultural jihad in the United States, and we were working to unify them.”

He shared his first target was the ethnic groups like the African Americans and Hispanics in the prison system. We would tell them, “Islam came to free the black (and Hispanic) people from American slavery. We are here to give you freedom.” We would then tell them, “There’s no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his final prophet and messenger. Once we earned their trust, we would then begin to indoctrinate them with the ideologies of Islam. Then we would meet their families, help them find jobs, meet their needs, and so on.”

Unlike 9/11 (in which an outside force attacked the homeland), cultural jihad is about becoming like the enemy in order to conquer the enemy from within. You have to learn the language and the culture; you have to learn to eat, speak and blend into the target society. 

In order to conquer the world, we were also taught to work in the Western world specifically through the women. Kamal was told, “Women would be easier to convert to Islam. The women are easy. Tell them you love them, and before you know it, they will fall for you.” The strategy was to marry them and acquire a green card and citizenship.

Yes, Kamal had an objective. What he did not realize was that was not God’s objective for him. (More will be shared in Day #11.)

  • Testimony was given directly by Kamal Saleem of


Kamal did not know that God had a specific plan, and no one can stop God’s plan, not even the enemy. Around the world, there are Muslims, called by God, who have not yet responded. As they are seeking during Ramadan, pray for them that the one true God, our heavenly Father, will reveal His call, His plan for each individual Muslim, bringing them to salvation in Christ and God’s destiny.

Terrorized to Become a Jihadi – Day 9

“I had a dream as a child. I was dressed in the long white shorts Muslim children wear, and I was riding a white horse. In each arm I held a double-edged sword. In front of me stood the enemies of Allah; they were Jews and Christians. I cried out, ‘For Islam!’ and ran into the battlefield. Their elite warriors came at me, and I challenged them, causing chaos among them. I conquered them and took off their heads with the sword so that their heads were rolling under the feet of Allah. In my dream I was martyred, and when I came before the throne of Allah, he was laughing and said, ‘Only my crazy Kamal could do this.'”

What he experienced in this dream was Kamal Saleem’s Islamic worldview from childhood. The dream reflected the Sunni beliefs of his family, and for him, jihad was birthed from infancy. As early as four years old, Kamal remembers sitting at the kitchen table while his mother taught him about the Qur’an and reciting it to include his duty to Allah and jihad.

He shared, “We interpreted the Qur’an as Muslim zealots. Moderate Muslims were seen as infidels that must be Islamized. From my childhood, my mom said, ‘One day, you’ll be a martyr, my son. You will die for the sake of Allah, and you will exalt Islam. If you kill a Jew, my son, your hand will light up before the throne of Allah and the host of heaven will celebrate what you have done.’”

By the age of seven, Kamal was being trained to be a jihad warrior. Not only could he handle a machine gun, but he learned to make bombs and to slip into enemy territory to use the gun and bombs.

Kamal shared, “What happens to the mind of children who are exposed to that dehumanization? The breaking of our spirits came at a young age when our moms and dads taught us this was the path. The Muslim religious leaders, known as Imams, taught us hate and anger with the intent to take over the world. Then they would send us into killing fields to desensitize us to murder. We were programmed to believe that this was how we were to live our lives.”

Fortunately, this is not the end of Kamal’s story. In the next several posts, we will show how Almighty God transformed his life.

  • Testimony given directly by Kamal Saleem of


Jihad warriors are not born that way; instead, they are trained to be fighters by their family, society, and religion. We know that dreams and visions impact Muslims. Pray that the Lord will invade Islamic society with powerful, convicting dreams and visions that will bring them out of darkness, enabling them to learn of the truth of Jesus.

An Amazing New Life in Christ – Day 8

His life was transformed that Sunday morning, July 3,1994 when God revealed Himself to Faisal Malick* as his heavenly father! Immediately he realized that Jesus Christ is Lord. All his life he had been an observant Muslim and had fulfilled everything required by Islam. Now, through revelation, he realized that none of what he had been taught in his religion was true. Words cannot express the radical change that came when he realized that Jesus was now the Lord of his life.

Six months later, the Spirit of God and His holy Presence filled the little room where Faisal was living. He experienced the pure life and substance of Heaven for three hours and his life was divinely changed. He shared, “First, I had an intense love for God like I never had before, and an intense supernatural hunger to know Him more. Second, I had a deeper, unconditional love for people. Third, I had an intense love and supernatural hunger for the Word of God. I picked up the Bible and could not put it down for 36 hours straight.” He continued, “The Holy Spirit became my teacher and was writing His word on my heart.”

From that moment in the incredible presence of God, a special grace came upon him. It overflowed to others and the fruit was evidenced in the fact that in the next three years, 99 percent of the people he knew, including Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and atheists were giving their lives to Jesus and were born again. It was truly by the Holy Spirit that in the next three years he led 1,500 people to know Christ.

Currently, Faisal is the lead pastor of a thriving congregation in Langley, British Columbia. He believes the Lord has spoken to him, “The wall of Islam has fallen in the spirit that has kept the Muslim people hostage. It is only a matter of time when it becomes common knowledge that the wall of Islam has fallen.”

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God is moving mightily in the Muslim world. As we join millions of Christians during Ramadan, praying for Muslims to receive Christ, let us believe and declare that the “thread of Islam is unraveling,” and the revelation and truth of God are being received in their lives.

God’s Voice Cleared up all Confusion – Day 7

As a devout Muslim, while attending a service in a business conference, Faisal Malick had a powerful visitation from the Lord (See Day 6). He shared, “God Almighty manifested in Majesty right in front of me, and every fiber of my being became aware of Him and His mighty Presence. Suddenly someone (The Lord) stood before me, and His presence went right through me.” Many thoughts were going through Faisal’s mind, and he had one burning question that he managed to ask: “God, what are You doing there? I thought these are the bad guys.” 

He shared that he couldn’t understand why God would come while the people were blaspheming God by worshiping Jesus. He answered me audibly, and I heard his voice say to me three times, “No, these are My children. No, these are My children. No, these are My children.”

Faisal had thought these people were deceived, but God was saying these people were His children. He knew he was encountering God. As a Muslim, he didn’t question that there was one God, but he surely didn’t believe that God was a father! Yet in that instant, he knew God was the Father.

All that was happening to him was divine revelation. He instantly knew with every fiber of his being that Jesus is the Son of God. At that moment, Jesus was revealing the Father to him, so he instantly understood that God Almighty was not only Father, but he was encountering God as his Father. Faisal shared, “I didn’t know this could happen and didn’t try to make it happen. But when I heard His voice, it vibrated through my entire being. When God speaks, He releases a sound, and everything responds to it. The very core of my created being was awakened to Him.”  

Revelation from the Lord continued, “The very thing I had been trained to see as deception and that was so ingrained in me to disbelieve was the very revelation that I now knew (and would now say): Jesus is the Son of God. His voice shattered every belief system I ever had.”

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims Touched by GOD


We praise God for His powerful voice that thunders (Psalm 29) and still breaks the hardness in hearts. Continue to pray for God’s voice to penetrate the deception and unbelief of Muslim people worldwide to hear Him and respond, receiving Jesus Christ as Lord. 

God at a Business Convention – Day 6

Desiring to be successful in the business world, Faisal Malick was excited to use it as an opportunity to promote Islam. Marketing conventions enabled him to learn more about business from those already prospering. Meeting many Christians at these events, he soon debated with them, believing he could change their “incorrect thinking.”

One Sunday morning, he learned he could attend a non-denominational service and since the man speaking was a businessman and not a pastor or priest, he thought it would be a harmless gathering. The speaker began by saying that “Jesus is the Son of God.” There was no more blasphemous thing that could have been said, and Faisal wanted to confront and debate the speaker. The man continued to quote from the Bible, saying that, “Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Jesus. If you receive Jesus, you will be guaranteed life with God in heaven.” What? The speaker was so sure that Jesus is the way to get to heaven. This could not be! He knew Muslims have no assurance of salvation.

At another convention, Faisal again attended the Sunday meeting. This time the man said, “If you believe in Jesus, He will give you the right and power to be sons of God just by calling on His name.” At the end, the 20,000 people attending were asked to stand, and Faisal, not wanting to be embarrassed, stood out of courtesy. 

“The moment I stood,” Faisal shared, “God Almighty manifested in Majesty right in front of me, and every fiber of my being became aware of Him and His mighty Presence. Suddenly someone (The Lord) stood before me and His presence went right through me.” Many thoughts were going through his mind and he had one burning question that he managed to ask: “God, what are You doing there? I thought these are the bad guys.” 

Did Faisal have an instant understanding? Or was it a process? On Day 7, we will see how God transformed his life, raising him up to become the man of God he is today!

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


During the month of Ramadan, many Muslims will have the opportunity to have an encounter with Jesus that can be life-changing. Take this time to pray that the Lord will invade their lives, open their hearts to His Truth, and reveal His glory, resulting in the salvation of multitudes.

The Testimony of the Gospel Triumphs – Day 5

Leaving Pakistan, Faisal Malick* moved and settled in Canada. He desired to get an education, become a successful businessman and make his family proud. While in school, he got involved in business and came in contact with Christians. He believed they were deceived because they lacked the truth of Islam.

As a Muslim, Faisal respected Jesus but believed that Jesus was no more than a prophet who was second to Muhammad, the final prophet of Islam. He thought Christians exalted a man (Jesus) and made him equal with God; he considered the worship of Jesus to be blasphemy. Islam taught that the Bible was changed by Christians and is corrupted. To them, the greatest sin a Muslim could ever commit is to confess that Jesus is the Son of God.

As he became more active in the business world, Faisal was encountering many Christians. His passion was to “help these deceived Christians, and if possible the Jews, to ultimately accept the Qur’an as the final book of Allah and become Muslims.” Many discussions about faith began; they often turned out to be arguments. He was determined to do everything he could to convert them to Islam.

A Christian associate invited him to church, but Faisal declared, “I am a Muslim. I do not need to come to your church.” He said that the associate never seemed to argue with me.

His associate was wise; instead of arguing, the testimony of the Gospels provides the most reliable witness to Christ to reach a Muslim. We should not soft-pedal the message, and the more a Christian knows about his faith, the easier it is to talk with Muslims. Our goal is to open up their minds for light to come in, so they can begin reading the Gospels to learn of the real Jesus.

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God


Globally there are 1.9 billion Muslims, now 1/4 of the world population. Because of violence, Muslims are becoming disenchanted with their faith. Our prayers for their salvation bring a crack in that darkness, allowing the light of God’s truth to enter – enabling them to see and respond to the gospel of Christ for the first time. 

Too Entrenched in their Beliefs to be Reached? – Day 4

In a Muslim nation, everything in society proceeds from their faith. Because Islam is a social, political, economic, judicial, educational, militaristic system, cloaked as a religion, it affects their entire life. It is not only a part of their life; it is their life.

Faithful Muslims believe that Allah (their God) sent many prophets, including Jesus. They are taught that the final prophet was Muhammad, to whom Allah gave the Qur’an and that it is the only book from God that is not corrupted or unchanged.

Faisal Malick* was born in Pakistan and was a devout Sunni Muslim who learned much about his faith from men around him who were also strict Muslims. To him, Allah was the only true God and creator of heaven and earth. In that atmosphere, he was committed to studying the Qur’an and loved to recite it. After school, Faisal would go to classes three to four hours a day to learn the Qur’an. He was willing to die for his holy book, and the Qur’an became his primary purpose in his life.

There are many Muslims just like Faisal with a heart seeking to know God and please him. They have a hunger for spiritual things and yet have not heard the truth of the gospel.

As Christians, we tend to think that deeply committed Muslims cannot be reached with the gospel of Christ because they are too entrenched in their beliefs. However, as we continue in the next several days, we will see that the love of Jesus never fails and can reach every Muslim!

  • Faisal Malick – 10 Amazing Muslims touched by GOD


During the 30 days of Ramadan, Muslims want to please Allah and are especially open to spiritual things. They believe that Christians and Jews are deceived, yet in Qur’an sura 1, they continually pray they will be “guided to the straight way.” Ask the Lord to soften their hearts and use their own prayer to lead them to Jesus, the One who is Truth.

Made in His Image – Day 3

The holy scriptures tell us in Genesis 1:26, “Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.’” We can ponder this and yet never fully grasp all that this means.

For the Christian, the Bible promises to lift us up from our fears and guilt. God gives us eternal life. Through our salvation, we have the path to healing, forgiveness, and mercy. Hope becomes the anchor of our soul and our lives can be totally transformed. It is the incredible gift of God!

In her book, “Wholly Different”, former Muslim Nonie Darwish revealed that nothing ever comes close to this in Islam, which provides no road to salvation from human sin and suffering. She said, “With my conversion from Islam to Christianity, my whole outlook on life, humanity, and myself was changed. I saw divine qualities, value, beauty, and dignity in every human being. I experienced healing and reconciliation with my Creator almost overnight. It was only through Biblical values that I was able to forgive those who hurt me personally in the past. I was able to heal and turn the worst thing that happened to me into the best thing that happened to me. This could never have happened to me without Jesus Christ.” She went on to say that her joy in Christ was nothing less than miraculous.

What would Nonie have experienced if she had never left her homeland for a Western nation? Would she still be living a bleak and meaningless life?

The Lord’s desire is that the lives of those in Islam become transformed into His image. As we walk with God, he tenderizes our hearts to look at others in an entirely different way. We begin to see their struggles, their pain, their hopelessness; a life without the joy that brings us strength.


Father, we desire Your sensitivity and a tenderized heart to see those without Christ through your eyes. Holy Spirit, when we see a Muslim, quicken us with a strategic prayer that will be life-changing, placing them on the Lord’s path to becoming fully transformed into His image.

Life is Better Under Biblical Values – Day 2

We can learn so much when others share their testimony. Nonie Darwish, in her book, “Wholly Different”, tells us that Muslims are attracted to life in the West. This is obvious from the millions pouring into the West, yet most Westerners would fear living in most parts of the Islamic world.

What most Muslim immigrants to the U.S. don’t understand, however, is that much of their attraction to America comes from the core values of the Bible inscribed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Like most immigrants, Darwish felt a natural attraction to American culture but did not fully understand why.

“When I came to America I needed to talk, but none of the other Muslim immigrants wanted to open this painful discussion over why we left and the hell we came from. Arab and Islamic pride, shame and resistance to admitting sin all stood in the way of Muslim immigrants opening up to one another. Islamic cultural taboos presents us from verbalizing the real reasons we had all left our homeland. That delayed the process of healing and assimilation. A few never recovered or healed at all.”

She believes that the pain from their native country does not dissolve away quickly. She knows that most first-generation Muslim immigrants live and die in America without fully ridding themselves of the impact of the trauma of life under Islam. They live in a prison of the heart.

“I remember that in my first few years in America, when people asked me questions about how exciting Egyptian history was, I sometimes felt tears coming down my face uncontrollably. It took me almost ten years to fully open up about my past and confront the baggage I was carrying from life under Islamic values.”


As millions of Muslims have immigrated from Islamic nations to Western nations, many of us expect them to immediately view life and freedom in the same way we do. We don’t understand they have much to overcome. Today we have a two-fold prayer:

That God will give us understanding of the struggles they have to “unlearn” from their doctrines.

Pray for a softening of the hearts of Muslim immigrants to desire to assimilate into the good things in their new culture.

God’s Heart of Love for Muslims

Have you ever passed others in a shopping mall and wondered, “How do they view life? Do they believe in absolute truth? Is their world view so different that it would conflict with mine?”

In our culture we have often heard the term “Judeo-Christian” beliefs or values. In recent years there is a move to include the three Abrahamic faiths, (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) together, without considering that Islam’s moral values are diametrically opposed to Biblical values.

During this 30-Day Ramadan series, we will briefly examine how the differences have impacted Muslims to reconsider their beliefs and be open to God’s heart of love for them.

Nonie Darwish is director of “Former Muslims United.” Now a human rights activist, she was born and raised as a devout Muslim in Egypt. Her father was a martyr for Islam. When Nonie immigrated to the United States, she realized how completely the Koran had formed virtually every aspect of her life. In fact, she professed that Islam’s holy book had actually deformed her childhood.

In her book, “Wholly Different”, Nonie shared that the simple things all of us in America (and Western nations) take for granted — small kindnesses from strangers, mutual trust, polite apologies, women having equal rights and respect, children being protected and encouraged, not abused and shamed — were completely new to her. She flourished in Western society, where she discovered peace, freedom, integrity, and human dignity that she had never experienced in her native land.

In the days ahead we will learn from Nonie’s life as well as other former Muslims how we can impact the way a Muslim lives, even turning some away from radicalism to the gospel of Christ.

Ask God to reveal His heart for the Muslim people to the body of Christ, enabling us to see them through the eyes of His love.

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